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Consulting Services

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Corporate Issue Reputation Strategy

To increase the positive reputation to your organization & handling of issue arise from Social discussions to make consumers feel better and associate positively with the organization including brands in the long term.

Issue Minimization Strategy

Is concepts, processes and effective communication management to achieve issue management performances.

Public Creative Content Strategy

Is a content management process. to be consistent with the target group, time, situation and environment to be more efficient which has layman person in social world as core centric when creating.

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OMNI-Channel Crisis Management

Crisis management in the social either online or offline. We can serve a perfect combination to reduce the exposure of crisis.

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Social Engagement Improvement (SEO)

to increase brand engagement and also create good brand perception which is the sustainable way to grow business in the long term.

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Advanced Social Experience Analytics

Advanced analytics, to understand behavior, needs and psychographic characteristics of social media users  from the past, present and future which help us to understand more deepen and can solve the crisis more effective.

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Social Crisis Management

We are Social Crisis Management Experts with more than 10 years of experiences. We provide the best services and support you to achieve your mission.